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Beef Noodle Soup

beef noodle soup

We have a fantastic selection of beef noodle soup. At Mi La Cay, we never settle for good enough; we go above and beyond for your sake. This means being attentive to your needs and meeting all of your expectations, and that's why customers appreciate our noodle house.

You can rely on us for recommendations because our menu has something for everyone. Once you see what we have to offer in Chinese noodle soup, we know you’ll come by again. We have the best Vietnamese noodle soup in Seattle, WA and it's our goal to make sure you leave satisfied.

Mi La Cay has a great track record in egg noodle soup and we've never let a customer down. When you see the Mi La Cay difference for yourself, it’ll be hard to go anywhere else. Our combination of price and service is unbeatable. If you’ve been looking for a Vietnamese restaurant, we are here for you.